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LED Jedi Lightsaber with Sound
LED Jedi Lightsaber with Sound

LED Jedi Lightsaber with Sound

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Part Number:LU162614A1

May the Force be with you" this Star Wars replica Light Saber is 39" with galactic sounds and futuristic lights. Become a skilled master of combat fighting against alien foes with your guaranteed Battle Ready Jedi Saber. The Saber is motion sensitive and reacts to your movements and playful saber fights, it makes you feel like you are fighting in a galaxy far far away. Rechargeable battery with a Graphite Black metal handle, multi flash modes and a variety of sound effects. This is perfect for the collector and the young at heart. 

The LED Jedi Saber with Sound features:

  • Futuristic Sound Effects That Activate with On/Off Button Located on Handle: Transport yourself to a galaxy far far away with the exciting saber effects. The sabers activate with movement and when clashed with another sword or object.
  • Several Bright Electric LED Color Modes: One Saber with A Variety of ColorsAqua, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Violet, White, and Yellow All Featured on The LED Saber.
  • Strong, Durable, and Sturdy for Dueling with Metallic 10'' Stainless Steel Handle in Graphite Black: The LED Saber's 10'' Handle has an un-slip grip that ensures your saber will stay in hand during your battles.
  • The Saber's Blade is 29'' Inches Made from Strong, Superior Quality Acrylic That is Child-Safe: Playful dueling is guaranteed kid-safe. The Saber's blade is durable but will not cause any harm.
  • Rechargeable Battery with Charging Accessories Included
  • Guaranteed Battle Ready!
  • Blade is 29'' and the Handle is 10''. The LED Jedi Saber is 39'' total.

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