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Party for Mardi Gras at sureglow.com

Posted by Tara on 1/26/2018 to Mardi Gras Party
Sureglow.com is giving you a heads start in planning your Mardi Gras extravaganza!


It isn't Mardi Gras without our Glow Masks! Our Glow Masks come in a pack of 8. Give yourself options by switching up your masks throughout the night! Even your friends will be left in awe as you transform between bat, butterfly, and fox on Mardi Gras day! 


Shop our most popular selling necklace for Mardi Gras. These tricolor necklaces come in a pack of 50. You can't go wrong with these Premium Glow Necklaces! Stack these together  and wear as a necklace or you can even wear as a headband!


Get creative on Mardi Gras and use our Backlight Makeup! We have the colors you need to become a Mardi Gras goddess! We even have glitter options you can choose from as well!  

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