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20" Yellow Powder Cannon Burst
20' Yellow Powder Cannon Burst

20" Yellow Powder Cannon Burst

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Start the festivities off with a burst of color! With just a small twist at the base of the Festival Powder Cannon you can deliver a wonderful blast of water-soluble colorfully dyed powder. 

Celebrate your events with these colorful Powder cannons.  These are perfect for gender reveal parties, celebrating the Holi Festival, Festival of Colors and any party or event where you want an added blast of color.  

Our 20"  Color Powder Cannons add excitement to any Gender Reveal Party! Our Color Powder cannons add excitement to the big announcement. 

If you have ever been to a color run or seen a Holi Festival you will have seen holi powder thrown into the air. These Color powder cannons take things one step further with a high powered cannon that shoots colored powder high into the sky filled with corn starch that has been dyed bright colors. 
These color powder cannons are easy to use and they shoot non toxic, water soluble powder up to 15 feet in the air. A cloud of powder fills the air when they are popped.  These are small enough that they can be held with one hand while you use the other hand to simply twist the bottom. For safety and best results, be sure and aim straight up when popping them. The color powder cannons are made with compressed air and have no combustible materials. These color powder cannons are for outdoor use only. 

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