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Ultimate Glow Party Pack: Version 1
Ultimate Glow Party Pack: Version 1

Ultimate Glow Party Pack: Version 1

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So you love throwing parties no one forgets but need a little help with ambiance? We got you covered like a blacklight with this Ultimate Glow Party Kit. Basically, all you'll need to do now is get the people there and spike the punch. First off, everyone gets a glow bracelet or two since you'll be getting 50 pieces total! Then you'll get 6 atomic glow cups that will make drinking more fun than it already is. Add a whopping pack of 25 glow sticks to the mix for extra flashiness and 12 pairs of glow eyeglasses to pop. Throw 2 glow beach balls into the party and hear the crowd roar. I mean it's a ton of stuff and there's so much extra for free:
- 50 / Glow Necklaces: Mixed Colors
- 2 / Glow Beach Balls
- 12 / Glow Eyeglasses
- 24 / 6" Glow Sticks
- 6 / Atomic Glow Cups

This party will go down in history, or shall I say "glow" down in history.

*Colors of glow sticks and items in party packs may vary.

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